Papers Grouping

Tis is a grouping of nine paper items from the European Theater of Operation during WW2. They are soft and pliable, but have been folded up small probably since the war. They are not brittle.
Most of the items in the grouping, , refer to the 83rd Infantry Division and are probably from one soldier.
- Christmas Greetings Dinner Menu from the Station Hospital, Fort Knox Kentucky, 1941. Lists the names of many or all of the members of the unit.
- "The Thunderbolt", a 83rd Infantry Division fold up sheet with a map on one side and info on the other.
- Three "TTF Newspapers", from the 331st IR
- One "Thunderbolt Newspaper", from the 83rd ID
- The small booklet "The Thunderbolt", the Division Story of the 83rd ID. With comic illustrations following the division from the USA to the Elbe Bridgehead.
- General Orders from September 5, 1945, "Award of the Medical Badge". The Medical Badge is awarded, Posthumously and to living members of the 308th Medical Battalion from the 83rd Infantry Division, total five pages with around 200 names.
- Fold up Colorful Map with info on the reverse side from the XIX Corps, from May 1945, Map traces the unit through Europe. Printed on Thick newspaper.