Edwin Harvey Crabtree (#15100263)

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

Private First Class

83rd Infantry
Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart

Edwin "Ed" Harvey Crabtree was born in 1910 in Kentucky to the late Millard Fillmore Crabtree and Nancy Parsons (both parents were deceased before 1940). Harvey Crabtree's ancestors came to America in the mid-1600s with a land grant from the King of England, Charles II, and settled in the state of Maryland. After the American Revolution, they moved to frontier lands on the far western edge of the state of Virginia. They became pioneers and indian-fighters, and one of them, Harvey's great grandfather, was a well-known companion of the famous American frontiersman Daniel Boone.

There were six children, three boys and three girls: Philip, Mary Cordelia "Cordie", Winnifred who went by "Minnie", Eva, Milton, and Edwin Harvey. When Philip joined the army and went to World War 1 both Milton and Harvey were committed to an orphanage by their sisters Cordie and Eva. They stayed there until Philip returned home after the war. Milton told me that he and Harvey hated that orphanage, and that seeing their brother Philip--tall, handsome, and still dressed in his army uniform--coming to get them out of there "was the best thing they had ever seen." After their parents died, Philip moved the entire family to Indianapolis. Philip married and built the house on Goodlet Avenue for he and his wife. He also built the house next door for Cordie.

Later Harvey lived with his sister Minnie Kluck in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana until he joined the army on March 10, 1942 as a volunteer. Since Pfc. Crabtree was with the 83rd Infantry Division he most likely had his training at Camp Atterbury, Indiana starting in 1942. He can also be found in early C company records which supports this assumption. Pfc. Crabtree received his Bronze Star posthumously for Heroic Achievement. Fellow C-Company veteran William Spriggs remembers seeing him during the fighting in the Ardennes shortly before he was KIA.
Pfc. Edwin H. Crabtree was Killed in Action January 20, 1945 during the C-Company, 329th attack on Bovigny. According to a letter from the Company commander send to the family of Pfc. Crabtree, he was shot by a German sniper while rushing to the aid of another wounded soldier.

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Dale Crabtree, grandson of Philip Crabtree