The entrance to Arlington National Cemetery extends across the Potomac River to near the Lincoln Memorial at the eastern edge of the Memorial Bridge. The Memorial Bridge, Memorial Drive (the parkway which leads into Arlington Cemetery), and the magnificent entrance to the cemetery were designed as a single project and were dedicated together on January 16, 1932 by President Herbert Hoover.

The Memorial Bridge was intended as a symbolic link, binding the North and South together into one great Union. Connecting the bridge to the cemetery gates is a parkway known as Memorial Drive. Along this parkway is the rotary intersection with the George Washington Memorial Parkway, which leads to the first president's home at Mt. Vernon. Located along Memorial Drive are several memorials and monuments not formally part of Arlington Cemetery. These include the Armored Forces Memorial. Memorial Drive ends in a sculpted court that has been partially excavated from the steep hillside below Arlington House.

I visited this memorial in August, 2012