Monument dedicated to the gallant soldiers of CCA who stopped the German advence on December 18, 1944 along the line Ermsdorf - Savelborn - Waldbillig - Christnach. The plaque reads: "December 18, 1944 the German attack in the Ardennes was stopped along the lin Ermsdorf - Savelborn - Waldbillig - Christnach by the gallant soldiers of the following units of Combat Command A of the 9th US Armored Division: HQ & HQ Co., 3rd Armored Field Artillery Btn., 60th Armored Infantry Btn. (x), A Co 9th Armored Engineer Btn. (x), 19th Tank Btn. (x), A Btry 482nd AAA Automatic Weapons Btn., A (x), B, C, E Troops 89th Cavalry Reconaissance Sqdn., B Co. 811th Tank Destroyers Btn., A Co 131st Ordnance Maintenance Btn., A Co 2nd Armored Medical Btn. The units with a cross had elements that where involved in fightings at Ermsdorf." "Offered in memory of all those that were killed in the fightings here by the History Friends of Diekirch and the veterans of CCA, 9th US Armored Division."

On this picture you can see my good friend Carl Shell who was with CCB of the 9th Armored Division.

I visited this memorial with Carl June 22, 2011