When the advance detachment of the 9th Armored Division reached the Rhine at Remagen on March 7, 1945, the Americans found the Bridge undestroyed. "Cross the Rhine with dry feet..." was what they proudly wrote on the Bridge in large letters. On March 7, 1980 the Memorial "Peace Museum Bridge at Remagen" was opened to the public. The towers contain an exhibition which recounts the history of the bridge. On the one hand, it is a local museum, telling of everyday life, fame and trauma of a town along the Rhine. On the other hand, the museum in the towers puts into perspective the complex world history aspect of the Bridge. Above all, however, the towers are silent witnesses of the war and a memorial to peace, a theme wich extends throughout the Museum. 

The main theme in the Peace Hall, however, applies to everyone:

Every day let us work for peace with our mind and heart.

Each person should begin with himself.

I visited this memorial in June, 2012 with my good friend Carl Shell, a veteran of the 9th Armored Division