This is a very nice grouping of three named certificates and a 152 page Yearbook "PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE 18th FIELD ARTILLERY BRIGADE" from 1942 with short history and comment about each unit of the 18th Field Artillery Brigade. This book belonged to Sgt. DAVID W. TUCKER JR. (#18019798) from the 2nd Field Artillery Observation Battalion, Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Herbert W. Kruger.

This is a unique pictorial book, there are many pictures inside this book including pictures of the African-American 349th Field Artillery Battalion training for war. There are numerous (named) pictures of the 77th Field Artillery, the 142nd Field Artillery, the 2nd Field Artillery Observation, the 349th Field Artillery (an all black unit) and the 818th Tank Destroyer Battalion and of its personnel.

There are three certificates named to Sgt. DAVID W. TUCKER Jr. (#18019798) and signed by Lt. Col. Herbert W. Kruger. You can also find DAVID W. TUCKER’s pictures in this book. All these items are original WW2 and not reprint or copies at all.

David Walker Tucker Jr. from Rogers, Oklahoma was born 1922, in Oklahoma City, to David W. Tucker Sr. (1877-1953) and Adellia F. Mason (1886-1980).

David Tucker Jr. enlisted on July 29, 194O at Tulsa, Oklahoma and took some of his basic training at Fort Bragg, Fayetville, North Carolina.

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