This is a small grouping of four original WWII and Post War letters written by an American Officer, Captain St. John Waddel (#0274842).This grouping also includes a copy of a Newspaper article about a letter that John had written to his wife Pauline Waddel on September 9, 1944, and a copy of a photo while he was a 1st Lt.

The first letter, from October 8, 1944, and the second letter, a V-Mail from January 28, 1945, were written to his wife Pauline "Polly" while he was on overseas duty in the ETO (France) serving with the 183rd Replacement Company, 95th Replacement Battalion (Support Unit).

The remaining two letters were written after VE Day. One was written in Fontainbleau (France) on December 18, 1945 while serving at HQ., 9th Replacement Battalion (Support Unit).
The other one was written in Allendorf (Germany) on June 6, 1946 while he served with the Historical Division, Headquarters, United States Forces European Theatre (HQ USFET) (Main).

John Waddell, also served during WW1 and was in his 50’s during WW2. He was a Newspaper reporter when he enlisted.

If somebody has some more information on St. John Waddell, please don't hesitate to contact me!!