''German Made 329th Crest Flag and Buckshot Tab''

Thanks to Todd Brickley, I was lucky enough to add this rare but beautiful grouping to my collection. Top left is a Standard type Greenback patch together with a beautiful German Made "Buckshot" tab. Note the little Thunderbolt in between BUCK and SHOT. Top right, is a large 329th Infantry Regiment, Crest type patch. On the bottom is an identical patch sewn onto a square blue (for Infantry) flag. All three patches came together from a flea market in upstate New York and presumably belonged to the same veteran.

My idea (and that of the seller, an experienced patch collector and US military veteran) is that the flag was used on a staff car by either the 329th's CO or another Commanding Officer in the Regiment.
However we cannot be certain until we find photographic evidence showing the flag (or a similar one) in use. I know at the time this type of Crest was used Crabill was no longer the 329th CO. He had been replaced by Col Reid somewhere after the war who was then replaced by Lt. Col. Bowen who I believe was CO at the time this design was in use (from December 1945).

Any Ideas are Welcome, please dont hesistate to contact me!




Note the spelling mistake in the scroll "Nos Gardons"
instead of the official moto "Nous Gardons"