This is the Unit History book of the 329th Infantry Regiment nicknamed "Buckshot". The book was printed in Germany, in July 1945. The history was made by Sergeants Raymond J. Gougen (Historian) & Harry Curtis (Artist), Corporal Douglas M. Hawley (clerk) & Private First Class John E. Burns (clerk) and it was edited by 1st. Lt. Daniel P. O'Connor. This copy once belonged to RICHARD D. FERRIS who was with C Company and Cannon Company of the 329th Infantry Regiment. Folded up in the back was a copy of the WW2 Spearhead newspaper. Also in the book are several notes made by Richard Ferris next to pictures or names of soldiers in his unit.

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In the back of the book are three names of soldiers that served with Richard D. Ferris.
William Price, was L (which probably means he was in L Company), Johnny ........ and Albert J. Gondek #35516818 (Nov. 7, 1918 - Jan. 1988)