The Wellington, Japan DUI is classified as "E" in the ASMIC catalog. Quoting from the ASMIC catalog this classification is defined as: "Insignia invented and made by a collector on the basis of drawing, blazons or whims for sale to collectors, veterans’ associations, etc. Never worn by troops."

The main difference between my example and the WWII example is the yellow is in the upper left to middle and the red is on the lower right to middle. So, basically this DUI is a mirror image. This is easily seen when comparing the top (collector's made) DUI to the bottom that was manufactured by GEMSCO after the official design.

The 908th's history is with the 83rd Division only. In WWI, this unit was originally the 308th Ammunition Train of the 83rd Division.  It was redesignated as the 908th Field Artillery Bn on 15 August 1942. They earned  1 Campaign Streamer in WWI and 5 campaign Streamers in WWII. They were inactivated after WWII in March 1946 at Camp Kilmer, NJ.  In November 1946 they were reactivated in Reserve status in Cleveland, where they stayed until inactivated in March 1959.  Why they have a Japanese insignia can only be explained through the fact it was made for the collector's market.