On January 11, 2015 a new plaque was inaugurated in honor of Pfc. Albert W. Duffer who was KIA at Fraiture on January 6, 1945. The plaque was presented by Dave Dimmick, son of Charles Dimmick who served with Pfc. Duffer and was WIA on the same day. The inauguration was attended by a number of members from the European Chapter of the 83rd Infantry Division Association and by Tom Hury, son of Capt. Leo Hury (M Company, 330th Infantry Regiment).

Some members of the 83rd European Chapter attended the inauguration of a new plaque for Albert Duffer who was killed in Fraiture at the same time Dave Dimmick's father got injured
From left to right, Wilfried De Backer, Eric Thys, Thijs Hodiamont, Dave Dimmick, Wim Doms, Jean Paul Pitou and Eddy Monfort