6 Issues 1945 THUNDERBOLT and TTF Newspaper Grouping

Six issues of newspapers from the 83rd Infantry Division. All are dated 1945. This lot of Newspapers belonged to Manny Epstein K/331. Some of the Newspaper were in very poor condition (see photo below). They are all restored now in the most professional way possible, taking into account their age and condition. They are all scanned in a high resolution pdf-file which you can find at the page '83rd Newspapers' or by following the links below.

Vol.2 No. 7
July 15, 1945
Vol.2 No. 8
July 22, 1945
Vol.2 No. 9
July 29, 1945
Vol.1 No. 6
June 2, 1945
Vol.3 No. 8
June 23, 1945
Vol.3 No. 11
July 14, 1945

One of the TTF Newspapers before and after the restoration