Grouping named to Charles Robert Whitcomb

The items listed in this grouping were donated by the Cleveland Grays Armory Museum to the 83rd Infantry Division Association on the 2017 Reunion in Cleveland, Ohio and given in my care for adding to my collection. Looking at all the items in the grouping it is clear the items belonged to Mr. Charles Robert Whitcomb of Ohio, who served with Company F of the 329th Infantry Regiment.

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Top piece of this grouping is a very nice Photo Album with over 280 black and white photos of the men of Company F, 329th Regiment. Appears to be in the US and taken during basic training at Camp Atterbury, the Tennessee Maneuvers of 1943 and Camp Breckinridge. Most of the photo's are identified what makes this a great piece of history. In front of the album, there is a large list of names for the men of F/329.

Original hardbound book titled,
'Thunderbolt Across Europe' 83rd Unit History
Original hardbound book titled,
'Buckshot Infantry Regiment' A History
Original hardbound book titled
'Combat Digest, 2nd Battalion, 329th Infantry'

'Remembrances, My Journey through the war'
signed by Robert Parsons Jr.
For C.R. Whitcomb "F" Company 331st Inf 83rd Div

  Softcover book
'Memories of Heaven, Memories of Hell'
by George J. Trebonyak

  'The Ragtag Circus'
by Buckshot Crabill,
Ex Regimental Commender 329th Infantry

Note: F Company 331st is Bob Parsons unit and probably a mistake from the author while signing. Bob Whitcomb who this group of items belonged served with F/329   Note: George Trebonyak served togheter with Bob Whitcomb in F company, 329th Regiment   Note: This is a copy of the original book

Untitled and undated photo, possibly of fraternity, either Delta Sigma Chi
or Zeta Sigma Chi

  Small box containing Thunderbolt Newspapers and Magazines dated April 1945 to December 1947
Note: Sigma Chi shirts on several men in the picture    

Six bound pamphlets titled "The Nervy Exploits of Sam Magill" reproduced from "Never a Shot in Anger" by Col. Barney Oldfield (reprinted by Frank Belliso, 329th Reg)   Booklet titled "Two Memoirs, The Battle of Normandy and The Battle of McMinn County"
by Frank C. Carmichael

  Publication of the
"61st Annual Reunion Adbook"