''83rd WW2 Letters Grouping from Roy W. Marsh''

This is a grouping of Twenty Nine original WWII letters written by an American soldier, Sgt. ROY W. MARSH, HQ Co. 3rd Battalion, 330th Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division.

The documentation is impeccable. There are 19 letters that are dated between March 20, 1944 and the end of the war on VE Day, May 1945, then ten more of his time in Europe, waiting to get back to the States. He describes friends killed, his feelings and many more. This is a letters grouping from a guy that was there. The letters mostly have the CENSOR stamps and signatures of the company censor officer. Tied with a WWII cloth that they came tied in.

These grouping came from the family of the 2003 deceased Roy Marsh. The family did not even know their Dad had these items in his possession until the mother was moved into a home and they found the famous foot locker where these and a trove of other nice items was located.

The first and earliest letter was written in March 1944 at Camp Breckenridge, in Kentucky as Roy trained for service overseas. The second letter was also written in the US. The third and fourth letter were written in England. The fifth, to the nineteenth inclusive, of the letters are frontline letters. The letters are written at the front in Europe in France, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium. The remaining then letters were written after VE Day. There is excellent content in these letters, much of it quite emotional and moving.

HQ Company, 330th Infantry Regiment "Envelopes and Letters"

The envelops wer sent by Pfc. Roy W. Marsh to his parents Mr. and Mrs. R. W. March of 345 East SW Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. All the envelopes contains there original letter.

March 21, 1944

April 4, 1944

May 26, 1944

June 8, 1944

July 18, 1944

July 27, 1944

August 7, 1944

August 8, 1944

August 23, 1944

August 28, 1944

September 5, 1944

October 16, 1944

October 31, 1944

November 28, 1944

December 7, 1944

January 23, 1945

February 11, 1945

February 19, 1945

April 18, 1945

May 31, 1945

June 11, 1945

June 13, 1945

June 22, 1945

August 16, 1945

August 19, 1945

August 27, 1945

September 22, 1945

November 3, 1945

November 19, 1945