Monument dedicated to the 3rd Armored Division, the 509th PIR, the 7th Armored Division, the 82nd Airborne Division and the 9th Armored Division who fought in this village during the last days of 1944 and to the 83rd Infantry Division and 3rd Armored Division who liberated the town on January 3, 1945. Malempré was on the road from Trois-ponts to Hotton so the Germans wanted to occupy the village. It became the scene of heavy fighting and the 2nd SS Panzer Division succeeded on capturing the village on Christmas Day. However, in the first days of the Allied Counteroffensive Malempré was secured by American units of the 83rd Infantry and the 3rd Armored Division. The plaque reads: "To the combattants of December 1944" and "To the liberators of January 3, 1945. 83rd Infantry Division and 3rd Armored Division. Malempré recognizes."

I visited this memorial on January 15, 2010 and several times thereafter