''My Father's War''

"My Father's War" by Beth Chittenden is subtitled "An Oral History of the Experiences of Lawrence Lee Chittenden During World War II." The large format book is printed on heavy stock and contains the complete oral history that Beth conducted with her father, who was a platoon leader in I Company of the 330th Infantry Regiment in Normandy and Brittany, and later was the regimental liaison officer (assistant S-3) for the 330th. The book is loaded with photos, maps, drawings, letters, and other documentation, many in full color. Excerpts from other 83rd histories are included to provide the time reference for the oral history. The result is an incredible odyssey that is almost impossible to put down once you have started to read it. Copyright 2006, Silk Purse Press, 331 pages.

My book was signed and dedicated by the author to the late Captain Leo Hury who I happened to know as a good friend. It is amazing I was able to acquire this particular copy and it gives the book an important extra value.

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