''83rd Post World War One Uniform Grouping''

This is a beautiful Post WWI officers Uniform group named, in jacket and pants, to R.C. Backer (possibly Robert Cleveland Backer), a Captain of the 83rd Infantry Division during the 1920-1930's. It contains his Jacket, his pants and his visor Cap.

Interwar stuff is very hard to find, since the army was reduced to practically nothing.  This filled a tough hole in my collection!

The uniform jacket is a nice example of the interwar period. The jacket actually is a converted WW1 officer's coat and was made by Cincinnati, Ohio clothier Globe Tailoring Co. The conversion was done to fit the new M1926 pattern and is most noticeable on the front and back of the jacket. The front only has three buttons, a sewed up fourth button hole is hidden under the left collar. The back still has the seams that correspond with those of the earlier officer's uniforms.

This tunic has a nice chain-stitched on wool 83rd Infantry division patch and one overseas service chevron on the lower left sleeve. Two ribbons can be found on the left breast pocket, one WW1 Victory Medal (left) and one Reserve Officer's Association Award (right). The insignia on the collar are a US Officers Insignia and Finance Corps gold collar diamond.

The breechers are the M1926 pattern officer's breeches and still have the original belt. The Globe Tailoring Co. tag is identical to that of the tunic.

The officers service Cap is still in wonderful condition and shows minimal wear. The tag reads Associated Military Stores - Chicago.

Robert Cleveland Backer was born on September 28, 1874 in Ohio and joined the army on September 18, 1918. Judging from the overseas chevron he served with the 83rd Division in France for more than 6 months. It is unclear when he completed his ROTC and became a Captain.

If somebody has some more information on Robert C. Backer, please don't hesitate to contact me!