About my Book
Copyright Edition 1992 hardback cover "Rag Tag Circus" by Louis R. Sandini. This is a great book in excellent new condition. It covers the history of a young man and his adventures in World War II with the 83rd Infantry Division from Camp Atterbury to the end of the war.
Louis Sandini was a Sergeant in Battery B of the 322nd Field Artillery. His book is a very outspoken account of the 83rd Division, it covers his experiences from Camp Atterbury to the end of the war. Published Privately, printed in the United States of America a
nd is now "Out of print".

About the Author

I got this book from Paul DiGiammerino, son of Pat DiGiammerino, 323rd Field Artillery Battalion.

I met Paul at the 83rd Reunion in August, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee