June, 2014

Garand Clips (full)

Mortar round fragment

Miscellaneous items

April, 2015. These relics where found near some known 329th Regiment position.
Garand Clips (full)

Miscellaneous items

Clover Leaves. They are the top and bottom plates of shell-transport containers.
Steel spider for safe transport of the Anti-Tank mine

81mm Mortar round fragments and shrapnel

60mm Mortar round fragment and ring to pull the safety pinn of a grenade with a piece of the safety lever.

Small display with Miscellaneous bullets and some shrapnel
Full Garand Clips, rounds for the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine, exploded bullets, German machine gun bullets, .50 cartridges and some shrapnel.

SOLUBLE COFFEE SACHETS were in the daily ration of the US soldiers.

These sachets can still be found since they were made from an aluminum-like material. Lots of these are found near foxholes. The sachet we found is for a Soluble Coffee Product from Barrington Hall, manufactured by Baker Importing Co. Minneapolis, Minn. and packaged by Miles Laboratories Inc. Elkhart, Ind.