Hq. Company, 330th Infantry "World War One Post Card"

This is an original censored WWI AEF Post Card dated July 26, 1918 and franked with stamp "Soldiers Mail". The Card was sent by Pvt. J.A. Edwards to Mrs. Harriet E. Child, Crestline, Ohio. The address it was sent from was somewhere in France on this date.

JAMES A. EDWARDS was born in January 1896, in Bayman City, Michigan. James Edwards (#2429490) 22 years and 3 months old at that time, enlisted in the National Army on April 1, 1918 in Cleveland, Ohio.

After joining the military he was attached to Headquarters Company of the 330th Infantry Regiment. He went to France with this unit on June 12, 1918. After receiving his training with the 330th he transferred to Supply Company of the 49th Infantry Regiment on August 1, 1918. He stayed with the 49th for the remainder of his time in France and returned to the US with them on January 21, 1919. James Edwards would stay in the military for another four months receiving the rank of Sergeant on April 19, 1919. One month later he was honorably discharged.

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