Co. L - 331st Infantry "World War One Envelope"

This is an original censored WWI AEF Envelope dated June 26, 1918 and franked with stamp "Soldiers Mail". The envelope was sent by George Carras to Mrs. W.S. Diver, West Middletown, Ohio. Seldom-seen US civil censorship tape on reverse of the enveloppe. The address it was sent from was somewhere in the US on this date.


George Louis CARRAS was born on Januari 22, 1894 in Megalopolis, Greece.

George L. Carras (#2434521) was drafted on April 25, 1918. He received his training and subsequently went overseas with Company L, 331st Infantry Regiment. He left New York on June 6, 1918 on the Marcha, setting sail for France. Once there George Carras was transferred to the 332nd Infantry Regiment before on July 7, 1918. He remained with that regiment and served during the Vittorio-Veneto campaign in Italy as a member of B & H Company. After the end of the war he staid with H Company, 332nd until his return to the US April 18, 1919. Not long after, on May 3, he was honorably discharged from the Army and returned home to Ohio.

George Carras died on December 11, 1979.

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