''83rd World War One 332nd Regiment Tunic and Medal''

This is a beautiful WWI 332nd Regiment double patched Enlisted Men Tunic, Model 1917 and Italian War Service Medal. 332nd Infantry Regiment stuff is very hard to find, this Tunic filled a tough hole in my collection!
To WWI uniform collectors, the search for dual-patched uniforms is just as exciting, but the underlying rationale for having two (or more) shoulder patches is quite different. For the US "doughboys" of the Great War, multiple patches reflect not only their current unit, but also that unit’s higher headquarters.
Taking this to the extreme were the soldiers of the 332nd Infantry Regiment who served in Italy in 1918 and 1919. Stacking their patches two or three-high, they reflected their membership in the 332nd Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Division and its nominal assignment to the US Third Army.

This Model 1917 double patch tunic has the 332nd Regimental patch, the 83rd Divisional patch, a red discharge stripe, pointed up under his 83rd Divisional patch, and a very beautifull bullion made service stripe below on the left sleeve. The Italian War Service Ribbon can be found on the left breast pocket. All members of the 332nd Regiment who served on the Italian Front in World War One were awarded the Italion War Service Ribbon. This was the only foreign award that the soldiers of the 332nd Infantry Reg. were officialy authorized to wear.

The 332nd Infantry Regiment adopted their own insignia
This beautiful bullion example is of the regiment's standard design

The 83rd Division patch uses Gilt Bullion embroidered on Black Wool

The tunic has two enlisted men collar discs, A rare 332nd Infantry Regiment, Company H disc
and a US National Army (interwined) collar disc, 1917 patern

Medaglia Dell Guerra 1915-1918 or Italian War Service Medal 1915-1918. Awarded for participation to World War One in Italy