''World War One M1910 canteen with 332nd Regiment cover''

The item featured here is a US Army M1910 canteen as issued during World War One. The canteen-cover has markings of the 332nd Infantry Regiment that went to Italy in 1918 as part of the 83rd Infantry Division. The cover is made by Miller Hexter in 1917 (post spring of 1917 cover with the lift the dot fasteners). The canteen is B.A. Co. 1918, and the cup is LF&C 1918. The cover has wear and stains. One tiny rip by the shoulder edging material. Wear to the belt hook webbing. The canteen is pretty dented up and fits very tightly in the cup. The cup is named to Dale Novlin.

Canteen cover market to the 332nd Infantry

Canteen cup was initialed by the owner and has his name

WWI US CANTEEN - The M1910 canteen and cup were made of aluminum. The canteen could hold one quart of water and the date and manufacturer could be found on the back. The canteen cup had a handle that could be folded out so that it could be used to cook food or boil water. The canteen fit into the canteen cup, and both would slide into the canteen cover. The canteen covers were insulated, and had two eagle snap buttons or lift the dot fasteners if manufactured after the spring of 1917. The cover had blackened brass wire hangers so that it could be hung from grommets on the belt. The covers are marked "U.S." and dated on the back or the inside flap.


332nd INFANTRY REGIMENT - The 332nd Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division, with attached medical and supply units, was sent to the Italian front in July 1918 in response to urgent requests from the Italian Government. Its principal missions were to build up Italian morale and to depress that of the enemy by creating the impression that a large force of Americans had reached that front and was preparing to enter the battle line and to take an active part in the fighting.