331st Infantry Regiment "V-MAIL"

This is an original WW2 V-Mail letter in its original form, dated December 18, 1945. The V-Mail was sent by Pfc. Robert O. Smith, from somwhere in Austria to Lexington, Georgia. The V-Mail contains "Seasons Greetings from Austria" and there is a very beautiful drawing related to the 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division inside.
The address the V-Mail was sent from APO83, which according to 'Numerical listings of APO's' by Army Postal service and strength accounting branches was located in Linz, Austria on this date.

Note: Put into practice in June 1942, V-mail became the most popular way for the troops to correspond across the ocean. As a way to limit bulk mail, V-mail blanks were submitted, photographed, then condensed and sent in special envelopes.