Ambrose "Hank" McDonald (#33368467) - † January 19, 1997

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

Tremont, Pennsylvania
February 8, 1922
Corporal - Medic
322nd Field Artillery
83rd Infantry
Bronze Star, ...

Ambrose McDonald enlisted September 30, 1942 in Allentown, PA. Ambrose "Hank" McDonald was from Tremont, Pennsylvania and was a medic in the 322nd Field Artillery Battalion. On December 18, 1944, in the Hurtgen Forest, Germany, as a medic, he gave aid to and rescued two new grieviously injured replacements that had run into a roped off mine field during enemy fire. He made two trips into the mine field to bring each of them out and was awarded the Bronze Star.

Hank McDONALD brought home photos from the war.

Hank at the Camp Atterbury Chapel
Hank (middle) and fellow medics in England
June 2, 1944

One photo in particular was a group photo showing other medics besides himself in the photo (he is partially cut off). As he has the names listed on the back of the photograph, I thought maybe other surviving medics in the 83rd or their descendants might be interested.
Here are the names as Hank has them listed on the back of the photo.
Front Row: Ambrose McDonald, Joe Fogelman, Moyne, Rider, Red Zaayer
2nd Row: Bradley, Culver, Kennedy, Adams, Scott.

Somewhere in Belgium February 1945
Hank McDonald drove a jeep

Hank in front of an Ambulance
and at the Truman Bridge

Somewhere during the War
Red Cross ID card

Hank (left) on day he got home from the war


Hank in a foxhole

Hank McDonald (right)

Thanks to his daughter Laurie McDonald Maley for the story and sharing the photos about her dad.

Hank's letter home (source Laurie McDonald Maley)