Myron H. Miller (#37383152)

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

Dixon, Missouri
June 17, 1918
Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.)

83rd Infantry
Combat Infantryman's Badge, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, European African Middle-Eastern Campaign Medal with 4 bronze campaign stars (Northern France, Rhineland, Central Europe, Ardennes),Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII.

Myron Howard Miller was born on June 17, 1918 on a farm in Dixon, Missouri to the late Howard B. (1888-1968) and Emma H. (Bartelt) Miller (1893–1974). He helped his father, Howard and step-mother, Pauline (Westmoreland) Miller (1904-1992), build and run their family farm.

Myron was inducted into the United States Army Infantry on September 4, 1942 at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.  He trained at Camp Robinson, Arkansas; Camp Carson, Colorado; Camp Polk, Louisiana; and Camp Roberts (Hunter Leggett Military Reserves), California from September 18, 1942 until May 10, 1944.  At Camp Carson, he was assigned to the 89th Light Division, Company A, 353rd, Infantry, Section 111. He left the 89th LD and became a replacement soldier when he arrived at Ft. George Meade, Maryland on May 19, 1944 (MOS 745 rifleman) and was readied for POM (Preparation for Overseas Movement).  Myron traveled by rail to Camp Shanks, New York, arriving on June 5, 1944 and departed for the European Theater Operations on June 8, 1944.
He arrived in England on June 25, 1944 and moved through the temporary training camps until he crossed the English Channel arriving on Omaha Beach at "Mulberry A".  He joined Company K, 331st Infantry Regiment on July 21, 1944 at Saint André de Bohon. He participated in the liberation of Marchesieux on July 28, 1944 before heading to Saint Malo the first of August. On August 9, in the streets of Saint Malo, he pulled an injured buddy to safety before continuing on with his unit. He fought his way across the Loire River and France before reaching Luxembourg in October, 1944.  In December, the 331st entered the Huertgen Forest and participated in fierce fighting in the town of Gey before moving through Kufferath, Germany.  On December 16, 1944, Myron Miller was seriously wounded in his arm and left chest by shrapnel. He was moved to the 128th Evacuation Hospital before being sent to a hospital in England where he spent 94 days recovering from his wounds.
On April 25, 1945, he was sent back to the 83rd where he joined his old company in Beetzendorf, Germany.  Myron was immediately appointed to S/Sgt upon his return.  The war soon ended and he spent the post-war doing police duty in Germany and Czechoslovakia.  He left Europe from Le Havre on November 1, 1945 aboard the USS Norway Victory and arrived at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey on November 11, 1945.  He returned home to his native Missouri at the Jefferson Barracks and was honorably discharged on November 14, 1945. He referred to WW2 as "living like cows", they slept outdoors and had to manage with limited personal items they would have to carry.

  In front of Civil War General William J. Palmer's statue "Man on the Iron horse", with Palmer High School in the background. Colorado Springs, Colorado (1942-1943). Myron Miller is on the far right  

Top left: somewhere in Bavaria, Germany (probably also Passau) during his occupation period in 1945. Top middle: near Passau with the Danube in the background Top right: somewhere in Germany in a crashed airplane.. Bottom left and right: Myron H. Miller at "The Oberhaus" in Passau, Bavaria, Germany. The Oberhaus was the Rest Center for Enlisted Men of the 83rd Infantry Division. Bottom middle: At the same spot in August, 2016.
Myron H. Miller at "The Oberhaus" in Passau, Bavaria, Germany enjoying a cool mug of beer. These two photos are more than likely taken on the same day on the same patio of the Oberhaus Rest Center for Enlisted Men of the 83rd Infantry Division.


Co. K, 331st IR in Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria, Germany, 1945

K/331 farewell party in Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria, Germany, 1945

Myron Miller married Dolores Jane Gates on January 4, 1947 and had five children; Lynette (Miller) Ballard, Marshall Miller, Del Miller, Ken Miller, and Myra Miller.  Myron ran the family farm and worked as a manager of the Production Credit Association in Dixon, Missouri until his death at 62 years old on November 18, 1980 of chronic lymphosytic leukemia.  He was posthumously named to the Wall of Honor in Dixon as one of the ten most important citizens from  the community.  He served as president of the Dixon R-1 School Board and was active in the American Legion.  Myron was a well respected leader and citizen in his hometown.

Myra Miller, daughter of Myron H. Miller
Miller family

The Miller gang in the footsteps of their father Myron H. Miller (June 2016)
Ken Miller, Marshall Miller, Wim Doms (83rd ID Hurtgen Forest expert), Eric Thys, Myra Miller and Del Miller at the Hurtgen Forest, Germany

Del Miller, Ken Miller, Myra Miller, me, Marshall Miller and Eddy Monfort (83rd ID Ardennes expert) at Malempré, Ardennes, Belgium