Mack Schonhaut (#42050888)

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

April 4, 1925
Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.)

83rd Infantry
Bronze Star Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, ...

The youngest of three children, Mack Schonhaut was born on April 4, 1925 in Poland. His mother, also from Hebrew-Polish origin, arrived in the United States on November 6, 1934 in Brooklyn, New York and brought up three children.
He lived in New York when he entered the service in November 1943 and had his basic training in Alabama.

The morning report of July 11, 1944 shows him as Assigned and joined from 92nd Replacement Battalion per SO #125 Hq 83rd Infantry Division dated 8 july 1944. The morning report of July 23, 1944 shows his promotion from Private to Private First Class.

Photo taken near Normandy, France (1944). L to R: Raymond "Ray" Hayden, Mack Schonhaut an John (unknow)

Mack Schonhaut was on the other end of the wire when one of his closest friends, Raymond Hayden (one of my adopted graves), was killed on December 7, 1944. A few days later he earned the Bronze Star Medal for operations on December 16, 1944, near Gey, Germany. When Company C, 331st Regiment, had gained their objective, Pfc. Schonhaut and comrades were called on to lay a wire to the company CP. Though the area was still under enemy shell fire they quickly laid the line and then he worked on the line as trouble-shooter for nine consecutive hours. He got his second Bronze Star Medal on April 13, 1945 in Germany. When the lead assault company and a wire patrol which was with it became pinned down by small arms and artillery fire from an enemy strong point, Pfc. Schonhaut in charge of the wire crew, with total disregard for his personal safety crawled some 500 yards through enemy territory under heavy fire, dragging the wire after him until contact with one of the units had been established. His devotion to duty merits high praise and gave him his second BSM.

Mack Schonhaut died on October 28, 2010 at 85 years old.

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Neal L. Schonhaut, son of Mack Schonhaut
After Action Report 331st Infantry Regiment
"We saw it through" Unit History book of the 331st Infantry Regiment by Sgt. Jack M. Straus