Richard C. Cranch (#O-449345)

Place of Birth
Date of Birth


June 13, 1920
1st Lieutenant

83rd Infantry
Bronze Star Medal, ...

Richard Cristopher Cranch (#O-449345) was born on June 13, 1920, in Ohio.  His parents were Arthur Girard Cranch and Bess R. Cranch.  His father Arthur Cranch was a medical doctor from Erie, PA and the family lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Conecticut.  The 1940 census shows Richard in his first year of college meaning he possibly went trough the ROTC program to become an officer, the other possibility is he went through Officer Candidate School (OCS).

The picture below shows a Christmas Pass from December 1943, named to Bernhard L. Daniels (Co.B - 331st), signed by his Company Commander 1st Lt. Richard C. Cranch. At that date, 25-26 December, Company B of the 331st Infantry Regiment was at Camp Shanks, Orangeburg, Rockland County, NY, waiting to go overseas.


In Appendix No.3 to the After Action Reports of May 1945, 1st Lt. Richard C. Cranch is listed as a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal.

Richard Cranch was married to Marion K. (Hession) Cranch (1917 - 2002). He died on July 25, 1996 and is buried at the Mulkey Cemetery, Eugene, Lane County, Oregon.

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Thijs Hodiamont's website:

Stan Bielen served with Lt. Richard Cranch in Hq Company 1st Btn, 331st Infantry Regiment:

"The Lt. Cranch that I know of was in the same company as I was Hq. Co. 1st Bn. 331st. He was not assigned to a platoon as I remember. He just helped as an extra officer. I don't remember when he joined my company as they moved them often.  Lt. Cranch is not in the company picture that was taken just before we left for England  He was with my company in England and in Normandy. He was still with us at the end of the war. It was Lt. Cranch that sent me on the mission July 4th to find Company C, 331st as we had lost all contact with them. He was a good officer as I remember."