Raymond E. Hayden (#15100263)

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

December 8, 1924
Private First Class

83rd Infantry
Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal, ...

Raymond "Ray" E. Hayden was born on December 8, 1924 in Minnesota. He had a grammar school education and his occupation was listed as skilled chauffeurs and drivers. He lived in McKenzie, North Dakota until he entered the service as a draftee October 18, 1943. Since Pfc. Hayden was with the 83rd Infantry Division he most likely had his training at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.
The morning report of July 11, 1944 shows him as Assigned and joined from 92nd Replacement Battalion per SO #125 Hq 83rd Infantry Division dated 8 july 1944.
The morning report of July 23, 1944 shows his promotion from Private to Private First Class.
Raymond Hayden was Killed in Action December 7, 1944 just one day before his 20th Birhtday. He was hit by a mortar while stringing a telephone line.
Pfc. Mack Schonhaut was on the other end of the wire when Raymond was killed as his son recounts: "My father told me Raymond was his closest friend and that he wrote to Raymond’s mother"

Photo taken near Normandy, France (1944). L to R: Raymond "Ray" Hayden, Mack Schonhaut an John (unknow)

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Pat Denowh, relative
Neal L. Schonhaut, son of Mack Schonhaut.
After Action Report 331st Infantry Regiment
"We saw it through" Unit History book of the 331st Infantry Regiment by Sgt. Jack M. Straus