William H. Guterding (#32802287)

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

Long Island, New York
August 17, 1924
Private First Class
83rd Infantry
Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal and the Army Good Conduct Medal.

William Guterding with his nephew Philip, the first son of his sister Ruth
(Courtesy of JoAnn and Sam Ryan)

William Guterding, born 17 August 1924, of Protestant religion, was the son of Mr. Fred A. Guterding, 8703 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Beach, Long Island, New York.  (also 311 Beach 85th Street Rockaway Beach, Long Island, New York)

He entered active service on 18 February 1943.  Promoted to Private First Class, William was shipped to Europe with the 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division. 

On 7 July 1944 William was seriously wounded near Saint-Georges-de-Bohon, Normandy, France.  His wounds would have given him the possibility not to return to frontline duty.  However, after convalescence he opted to return to his former unit.  

On 3 December 1944, after having participated in the liberation of France and Luxembourg, William´s unit entered the Hürtgen Forest, Germany, where they took positions east of Grosshau.  The infantry men had to find some protection living in foxholes and log-covered dug-outs.  Artillery, mortar, tree-bursts, AP-mines and the cold took a heavy toll on troops exposed to these elements. 
On 8 December 1944 the 4th platoon, in which William was a member of the Light Machine Gun squad, received a heavy mortar barrage near Schafberg.  The platoon withdrew to reorganize and it was discovered that William was missing.  Investigation did not disclose his whereabouts.  T/Sgt Ketner believed that Pfc. W. Guterding may have been wounded as he was not one to shirk hazardous duty.  William was than officially reported MIA as of 14 December 1944.  His father, was notified on 2 January 1945.

On 13 May 1946 the body of William was found by Forrester Stöffels in the vicinity of Brandenberg.  The area was full of anti-personnel mines.  The deceased was lying on the ground.  The bodies of Frederick Danielson (MIA 9 Dec.), John O´Malley (MIA 8 Dec.), Algie Young (MIA 10 Dec.) and Ralph Sundy (MIA 9 Dec.), were found in the immediate vicinity. 
After thorough investigation at the Laboratory of Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium, a severe wound of head was determined as cause of death. 

On 16 May 1946 William was buried in Plot P, Row 3, Grave 67, Neuville-en-Condroz, US Military Cemetery, Belgium. 
On 8 July 1948 Mr. Fred Guterding, the father, agreed to have his son buried permanently at the US Military Cemetery of Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium. On 12 April 1949 the Flag was sent home to the father. 
Disinterred from Plot P Row 3 Grave 67 on 8 April 1949, William Guterding was reinterred on 5 May 1949 at Plot B Row 35 Grave 27 at this site.

Pfc William Guterding was awarded the Purple Heart (twice), the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign medal and the Army Good Conduct medal. 

Summary of IDPF by Willem DOMS
adopter of William´s gravesite at Neuville-en-Condroz
and 83rd ID VAEC member
contact : willem.doms@telenet.be

Headstone Inscription and Interment Records for U.S. Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil (Source: www.ancestry.com)

JoAnn and her husband Sam Ryan visiting her uncles gravesite at the American Cemetery in Neuville-en-Condroz, Ardennes, Belgium (May 1, 2014)
(JoAnn is the sister of the little boy in the wartime picture above).

Adopter Willem "Wim" Doms by William's gravesite at Neuville-en-Condroz

The statue of the madonna at Kleinhau, erected by a local woman who lost her son in Norway it is intended to honor the fallen soldiers of the Hurtgen Forest.
Two years ago it was decided that William Guterding would be representing the American side.

Preparing for a walk in William Guterding's footsteps

Some of William's belongings including his Purple Heart and dogtag displayed by his niece JoAnn Ryan in her house.

In front of the picture, Teddy, Sam and JoAnn's dog.
From L-R: Sam and JoAnn Ryan, myself, Wayland Hicks, Wayland's girlfriend Lydia and his son Wayland Hicks Jr.
Wayland Hicks served with C Company, 330th and was in the same area as William Guterding when he was Killed In Action.
To learn from a veteran how it was like, was a very special moment for the family of William Guterding.