''My 9th Armored Division Shoulder Sleeve Insignia''

On an equilateral triangle with a 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) green border, 3 7/16 inches (8.73 cm) in height overall, one point up, divided into three sections, the upper section yellow, the dexter section blue, and the sinister section red, a gun bend wise in front of a tank track and wheels all black and overall a red lightning flash bend sinister wise.  In the apex the Arabic numeral "9" in black letters.

Yellow, blue and red are the colors of the branches from which Armored units were formed.  The tank tread, gun and lightning flash are symbolic of mobility, power and speed.  The Division’s designation is in Arabic numerals.

The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved on 22 November 1940. (TIOH Drawing Number A-1-338)

The shoulder patches worn during the WW2 period were manufactured on a small scale by the Army itself, but the bulk were ordered from various civilian embroidery firms. The Army patches can be told apart by their distinctive olive drab border, an olive drab thread being also visible in the weave on the back of the insignia. Most unit patches were machine embroidered in color threads on a tan cotton backing ("flat edge" or "cut edge" patches). Many are also made overseas.

I have a small but fine collection of original 9th Armored Division Shoulder Sleeve Insignia to show you.

Snowback on khaki twill base
Cut edge and Snowback
Greenback variation
Cut edge and obvious solid Greenback
Two different Snowback variations
came from de grouping of Elmer C. Burk
Greenback variation
came from WWII veteran Carl Shell
Rare and hard to find Black-Back variation. Blackback bobbin threads, appears to be a Theater made version, perhaps British made.