Insignia grouping from Carl Shell


Grouping of Postwar insignia all belonging to my good friend Command Sergeant Major Carl Shell. After WW2, he decided to reenlist and he stayed in the Army from 1946 until his discharge in 1964 as a Command Sergeant Major. These items were given to me while visiting him at his home in August 2012.

From top to bottom you can see:
- Two of his name tags and a US Army Tag. These tags were used until they were changed by the subdued tags in 1966.
- His rank insignia,from Left to Right: Private First Class, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Master Sergeant and Sergeant Major.
- The green 'Leader Tabs' worn in the middle of both shoulder loops indicating the person as the leader of a unit.
- 14th Tank Battalion DUI.
- 9th Armored patch.
- Four different versions of the 1st Infantry Division patch, including a WW2 and German made example.
- Cloth 18th Infantry Regiment DUI.
- Two different 8th Infantry patches.
- 7th Army patch.
- Bullion Presidential Unit Citation with an Oak Leaf Cluster.
- Pair of numbered collar disks for the 18th Infantry Regiment with an 18th Regiment DUI.
- Marksman badge with Mortar bar.
- Very small Army Air Corps Wing, unknown origin.
- New ribbon bar including some of his wartime and postwar ribbons.