Troop B, 89th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) "Envelope''

This is an original censored WWII Army Cover dated November 28, 1944 and is not franked, "Free Air Mail". The envelop was sent by Pfc. Robert Lotzin to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lotzin, 410 Hewitt Avenue, Bremerton, Washington. The envelope contains a very beautiful Christmas card "MERRY XMAS 1944" with on the bottom of the card "Love Bob". The address the envelope was sent from was APO#259 which was in Mersch, Luxembourg on this date.

Robert Lotzin (#37159215) was a member of Troop B, 89th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized), CCR of 9th Armored Division, at the time this letter was written. Units of the Division (less Combat Command "B") were deployed in the vicinity of Mersch and continuously during the balance of the month of October, November, and early December the combat elements were in rotation tactically attached to adjoining divisions for the purpose of battle indoctrination. Troop B, 89th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) was attached to the 83rd Infantry Division from November 22, 1944 to December 5, 1944.

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