My name is Jelle Thys, born February 4, 1994 and I'm from Putte, Belgium. I was eight years old when, during our first visit to Normandy, I got interested in WW2. But, not only the history of the World War Two battles interests me but also that of those that lived it through. We can't and may never forget what millions of men and women sacrificed to liberate Europe and the rest of the world and give us back our freemdom.
Some years ago I also started a WW2-collection. It was during this collecting (by buying an Ike Jacket) that I got acquainted with the veteran that once wore this jacket during his period of service to his country. This extraordinary friendship and the contact, that already lasts for multiple years, was the reason that I got more particular interested in his unit, the 9th Armored Division.
Meeting and talking to veterans is one of my passions. Therefore I am extremely proud that I already met numerous men of the greatest generation in such a short time. One of these meetings was the start of my passion for the 83rd Infantry Division and even got me in to the 83rd Infantry Division Association.
This is a little introduction to how it all started for me. And because I want to share my passion with the rest of the world, you are visiting today, my website. HAVE FUN.