The Bluejacket's Manual 1944, Twelfth Edition, by United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland. This is a very nice WWII era U.S.Navy Manual. The book has a dark blue cloth covered heavy paper cover with gold lettering and is early 1944 printing wich you can see on the square corners ( late 1944 printing book has the round corners). This manual covering all the information necessary to make an able seaman, including knowledge every enlisted man should know, seamanship and gunnery, and physical skills. This book has wonderful graphics and pictures.

The book has name and other marks of the old owner stamped/written on the inside front and rear cover of the book.
Rudolph N. Flanders (573 60 04) is listed aboard the USS Mississippi in 1946 and was discharged as a radarman 3/c in 1947.
Co. 4365 would have been the company he was assigned to while at boot camp - a company is just a group of recruits that train together - like a grade in school or a class in college. Only, at boot camp, you are together 24 hours a day!
BKS. 428-u would have been the barracks where he was located. The barracks is just a large building with a number of bunk type beds for the men to sleep and bathrooms and study spaces.

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