Robert R. ''Bob'' Patterson

Bob Patterson was born on December 21, 1924. At 18 years old, he was drafted and he joined the Army on July 16, 1943 at Fort Lewis. He volunteered for the paratroopers and was then assigned to the 1st Platoon of E Company, 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
In October 1943, the 513th PIR was assigned to the 17th Airborne Division and send to England in August 1944. In December 1944, after the Germans started their offensive in the Belgian Ardennes, the 17th Airborne was alerted and sent to the Bulge. Bob’s unit arrived in Belgium on January 2, 1945, in Monty (Mande-Saint-Etienne).
On January 4, 1945, the 17th Airborne Division and it's attached units launched their counter-attack in an area about twelve miles west of Bastogne dubbed "Dead Man's Ridge". Bob participated in the heavy fighting’s of Dead Man’s Ridge and the other combats of his regiment during the Battle of the Bulge until January 9. It captured several small Belgian towns and entered Flamierge on January 7, 1945, but enemy counterattacks necessitated a withdrawal. However, constant pressure and aggressive patrolling caused the enemy to retreat to the Our River. On January 18, the Division relieved the 11th Armored Division at Houffalize, pushed enemy remnants from the Bulge, and seized Wattermal and Espeler on January 26. Coming under the III Corps, the 17th turned toward Luxembourg, taking Eschweiler and Clervaux and clearing the enemy from the west bank of the Our River. Aggressive patrols crossed the river to probe the Siegfried Line defenses and established a limited bridgehead near Dasburg before being relieved by the 6th Armored Division on February 10.
On March 24, 1945, Bob parachuted over Germany across the Rhine during the Operation Varsity. He was wounded twice during the battle, but he remained with E/513th PIR for the duration of the war.

patterson11 I met Bob on the ''Dead Man's Ridge Walk 2011'' at Flamierge, Ardennes, Belgium, March 20, 2011