Company M
120th Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Division



Utah Beach, June 2, 2014.
I was privileged to meet him on Utah Beach, on D-Day 2014. His blue jacket and cap, with the Old Hickory Logo, made him easy recognizable.

Mont Martin-en-Graignes, France,
July 4, 1944 (Courtesy Frank Towers)
Frank Winchester Towers from Chittenden County, Vermont, was born on June 13, 1917 in Massachusetts. Frank Towers enlisted on February 24, 1941 in Burlington, Vermont.

He served as a Lieutenant and Liaison Officer with the US Army's 30th Infantry Division. He was assigned to Company M (Heavy Weapons company) of the 120st Regiment as a Mortar Platoon Leader and landed in Vierville-sur-Mer (Calvados, Normandy) on his 27th birthday. As a result, he is now fully acquainted with the byways and villages of Normandy. St. Jean de Daye was the first village which he helped liberate. He later participated in the "Cobra" operation that ultimately liberated Saint Lo that ultimately led to the expulsion of all German forces from Western France. He saw additional combat in the Battle for Mortain and ultimately experienced similar engagements around Domfront, Evreux, the Belgium Ardennes, Holland, and finally in Germany, where he fought until the Armistice. Frank served as a liaison officer, and helped arrange for transportation of Holocaust survivors when they were liberated from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Farsleben, Germany.He remained in Germany for several years and achieved the grade of Major.

Frank W. Towers is now a resident of Gainesville, Florida. This incredible man is involve with many of the veterans organization, such as the D-DAY NORMANDY VETERANS OF NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA. Frank has returned on a number of occasion to Normany, France, the site of the D-Day Invasion.

Frank Towers is awarded with the Knight of the Legion of Honour, War Cross 1939–1945, Commemorative Medal of the Battle of Normandy, Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal, Belgian Fourragère, Memorial Cross of Holland, The Dutch Queen’s Medal.