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After the ceremony, I had the honor of meeting Bruce Anne (Brucie) Parcell Shook, daughter of Lt. Col. Bruce Parcell, who was one of the many men who lost their life during the Battle of Normandy. Bruce F. Parcell was KIA on July 27, 1944.

Ceremony commemorating and honoring the 9th Air Force, attending by a Veterans child of one of the defenders of Picauville.
Bruce Anne Parcell Shook, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Parcell and her husband, during the Ceremony

Picauville, Ceremony at the 90th ID Monument, June 6, 2014

Paying tribute to Bruce Parcell by visiting his grave at the Normandy American Cemetery, Plot G, Row 3, Grave 32.

Colville sur Mere, France, June 10, 2014

Bruce Fraley Parcell, was born in Roanoke City, Virginia on June 10, 1917. Bruce Parcell (#O-370357) entered the service from North Carolina. During World War Two, he was one of the 19 fighter pilots who where Killed In Action liberating the villages of Normandy during the summer of 1944. Bruce Parcell was the first Commanding Officer of the 510th Fighter Squadron and was KIA on July 27, 1944. He and his fellow pilots had the dangerous job of dropping bombs to blow up bridges, railroads and tanks as well as flying low and strafing enemy troops to help the US soldiers push the German forces out of France.

His daughter was born two months after her father’s death. She was named after him, Bruce Anne "Brucie" Parcell, and forever saddled with a memory of a man she really didn't know. Brucie didn't know her father beyond pictures on the wall and tidbits from her relatives. She was not even a year old when her father’s posthumous Distinguished Flying Cross was pinned to her gown.

Bruce Parcell flew a P-47 Thunderbolt, a single-engine, single-seat fighter with eight .50 caliber wing-mounted machine guns and two 500 pound bombs.
Note: His wife's name was Lelia Frances, her collage nickname was Lu, tervore his plane was named "LlTTLE LULU"

Leila Frances (Lowrance) Parcell with her husband Bruce.
They were married in 1942

Bruce Anne "Brucie" Parcell gets here father's
Distinguished Flying Cross Medal pinned on here gown
during a ceremony at Greensboro's Overseas Replacement Depot.
She was not yet one

Photo's courtesy by Brucie Shook


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