Lynn W. AAS
D Company
193th Glider Infantry Regiment
17th Airborne Division


Ardennes, Belgium, March 22, 2015.
Top picture: me and Lynn Aas after the Ceremony in Houmont. Bottom pictures: at the commemorative ceremony in Flamierge, honoring the soldiers of the 17th Airborne Division who fought in the area in January 1945.

Lynn W. Aas, born in 1921 and enlisted on August 18, 1942 at Grand Folks, North Dakota. He applied to the Army Specialized Training Program to follow an advanced military technical formation. At the end of spring 1944, when the program was stopped, Lynn joined D Company, 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division, which was training at Camp Forrest, Tennessee. In August 1944, he arrived at Camp Chiseldon in Southern United Kingdom. When the German armies released their offensive in the Belgian Ardennes, his division was rushed in emergency to the west of Bastogne. On January 7th, 1945, Lynn's very first combat day was frightening : the miserable winter conditions and the enemy resistance caused heavy casualties to his unit. During six days, between Mande-Sainte-Etienne and Champs, the regiment faced the Germans before the situation cleared out. At the end of January, Lynn reached the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg where he took position along the Our River, facing the Siegfried Line. From early February till mid-March 1945, during the period of rest, training and reorganization of the 17th Airborne Division at Camp Mourmelon, France, his regiment was dismissed and he was transferred to A Company, 194th Glider Infantry Regiment. On March 24, 1945, Private First Class Aas boarded a glider and took part in operation "Varsity". The next day, he was wounded at the left arm by a shell fragment and evacuated. He didn't rejoin his unit and was on the way to the United States to be sent to the Pacific Theater of Operations afterward. The Japanese surrender avoided Lynn to fight again and he was honorably discharged in November 1945.