Guy Whidden

Guy Whidden was born on June 18, 1923 in Wyncote, PA. His father is named Rendol and his mother Myrtle Whidden. Guy's love for adventure and physical training made him a perfect fit for the Airborne. He initially started out in the Pennsylvania National Guard in 1940 before his father pulled him out to finish high school. He then enlisted in early 1940 and soon found out that he wanted more than the regular army offered. He saw an announcement on the bulletin board, while assigned to the 8th Infantry Division, about the paratroopers and the extra 5O dollar a month they received. He was soon assigned to the 502nd PIR of the 101st Airborne Division.
Guy was a machine gunner and jumped into Normandy (France) in the early hours of June 6, 1944 and also into Holland during operation Market Garden in September, 1944. He was severly wounded near Best (Holland). He nearly lost his leg during a mortar attack when two of his best friends were killed by the same mortar. Guy was still recovering in a hospital when the Battle of the Bulge started. After recovering from his wounds, he was named as acting sergeant at Fort Benning and became a jump school instructor, he trained new paratroopers until the war ended.
Guy is a retired teacher and wrestling coach.

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