John A. Swett

John A. Swett was born in 1925 in Illinois. John Swett (#16175232) enlisted on December 17, 1943 at Fort Sheridan, Lake County, Illinois.
He served as a Private First Class with H Company, 423rd Infantry Regiment, 106th Infantry Division.

John Swett was with a heavy weapons unit of the 106th Infantry Division in the town of Born when on December 16, 1944, the Battle of the Bulge started.
"They got us up at 5:30 and said, 'There's something going on here'," said Swett. "We didn't even have time for breakfast. We were headed toward Germany."

For John Swett, the battle lasted just three days. On December 19, 1945, he was taken captive  and imprisoned in Germany’s POW camp "Stalag IXB" for three months before being freed by American Troops on April, 3, 1945.

He now resides in Tuscon, Arizona