Leo T. Hury

I met Leo Hury, his son Tom and his wife Barbara at Bihain, Ardennes, Belgium, January 8, 2011. I met him again on January 16, at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels, the day before he went back to the US.

I met the Hury's again in August 2011, at the Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division at West Point, New York. We spent a great time together and I'm proud that they call me a friend.


hury11_2 Pictures taken by his son Tom Hury, composition by Jelle Thys

In memoriam

Leo T. Hury, 92, died Monday, June 10, 2012.

Captain Leo T. Hury a veteran of all five of the 83rd Campaigns had become a dear friend of mine the past year and six months. The loss of such a great friend was really sad for me but I will always remember the great moments we spend together at West Point and Bihain. Captain Leo, thank you for your service, you will not be forgotten.

Always Remember - Never Forget

R.I.P. sir