Second Lieutenant Dorothy Levitsky-Sinner and her sister First Lieutenant Ellan Levitsky-Orkin where both U.S. Army nurses assigned to the 164th General Tent Hospital which was Located in the town of La Haye Du Puits, Normandy, France.

They arrived in Normandy in August 1944. Dorothy Levitsky was assigned as a ward nurse and her sister Ellan Levitsky worked in the operating room.


I met the two sisters for the first time at the inauguration of the monument dedicated to the 90th Infantry Division in
Picauville, Normandy, France, June 6, 2008



At the ceremony where a scale model of a C47 was inaugurated,
at the USAAF monument in Picauville, Normandy, France, June 5, 2009



At the ceremony in Gourbesville and La FiƩre, Normandy, France