Robert ''Bob'' Lundy

Bob Lundy grew-up in northern Illinois and joined the 506th in 1943, after attending TPS at Fort Benning, GA. He was assigned to 2nd platoon of Company D, with which he parachuted into Normandy and later Holland. Lt. Ronald Speirs was his platoon leader in Normandy only. Speirs was transfered to HQ Co. 2nd Bn after the first mission. He remained there until 13 January, 1945, when he was assigned to command Easy Co.
Bob Lundy was seriously wounded in the left shoulder, near Saint-Côme-du-Mont, France on June 9, 1944. Later, while being transported across the Channel on the deck of a ship, the ship was strafed by a German plane. The wounded trooper lying beside Lundy on a stretcher was wounded again. (Part of John Dambach's elbow had been blown away in France and a tracer from the strafing plane cut a groove across the crown of his head, but did not kill him). Lundy was not hit in this strafing.
Bob Lundy returned from hospital recuperation in time to jump into Holland and he had many close calls there and at Bastogne. After decades of staying away from war reunions, Bob showed-up at the 101st ABD Assn's National reunion in Reno in 2008 and at the Snowbird in 2009. His wife is deceased but Bob lives near a niece in Illinois.


I met Bob Lundy at the ceremony at the ''Geronimo monument'' at Eerde, The Netherlands, September 20, 2009