SSI's of the Basic Forces - Army Groups - Armies - Army Corps

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Basic Forces

The entire army was divided into three basic elements: Army Ground Forces (basic combat units), Army Service Forces (logistical and support troops) and Army Air Forces (flying elements and their support troops). Those units not subordinate to some other headquarters, having an approved shoulder sleeve insignia, would wear the patch of these parent elements. It is very common to see patches of Army Service Forces and Army Air Forces on period uniforms. That of Army Ground Forces and its subordinate General Headquarters Reserves are less commonly seen as most Army Ground Forces units were part of a subordinate element that had its own approved patch.

  Army Ground Forces Army Ground Forces General HQ Reserves General HQ Reserves  




Army Ground Forces
General HQ Reserves
Army Service Forces
Army Air Forces
Army Air Forces
Army Air Forces

Army Groups

1st Army Group
6th Army Group
12th Army Group
15th Army Group


1st Army
2nd Army
3rd Army
4th Army
5th Army
6th Army
7th Army
8th Army
9th Army
10th Army
14th Army
15th Army

Army Corps


1st Army Corps
2nd Army Corps
3rd Army Corps
4th Army Corps
5th Army Corps
6th Army Corps

XIst Army Corps
XIIth ArmyCorps
XVth Army Corps
XIXth Army Corps
XXth Army Corps
XXIth Army Corps