SSI's of the Non-Divisional and Miscellaneous Units

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Cavalry Groups
2nd Cavalry Group
3rd Cavalry Group
6th Cavalry Group

Anti Aircraft Artillery Commands
AA Command
AA Command
(From veteran Fred Pearson)
Western Defense Command

Geographically Defined Elements
Austrian Occupation Forces

Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force "SHAEF"
Headquarters ETO and
Communication Zone
North Africa General HQ
Western Pacific Forces

Training Elements


Replacement and School Command
Amphibious Training
Officers Candidate School

Miscellaneous Units
Ports of Embarkation
Army Amphibious Forces
Army Amphibious Forces
Naval Amphibious Forces
Stars and Stripes Correspondent
Officer Paraglider
Cap Patch

Smaller Units

18th Infantry Regiment
18th Infantry Regiment
From veteran Jim Sharp
American Red Cross
Military Welfare Service

Post WWI - Pré WWII
3rd Army
5th Army Corps
83rd Infantry Division
(On Wool felt OD green disk, made in WWI style in the WWII era by "Patch King")