Interesting small grouping of booklets and some other papers probably having belonged once to a veteran from the famous 75th Infantry Division.

First there is a shooting score booklet with inside the front cover the soldiers name, Pvt. Carroll Woodard, Company C, 36th Infantry Training Battalion, Platoon 4 stationed at Camp Croft, South Carolina.

Probably he must have belonged to the 289th Infantry Regiment with the 75th as seen on the first booklet, 'THE DOUGHFOOT' of the 289th Inf., No. 6 from August 1, 1945. That one did have a photo cut out for some reason.

The third booklet, 'THE 75TH INFANTRY DIVISION IN COMBAT', contains the Combat History of the 75th Infantry Division as, 'The Battle in the Ardennes' from 23 Dec 1944 till 27 Jan 1945, 'The Colmar Pocket Battle' from 30 Jan 1945 till 9 Feb 1945 and 'The Battle for the Ruhr' from 31 Mar 1945 till 15 Apr 1945. The nice colored map of the 75th in the Ardennes was left in the back.

Furthermore there is a small lot of four papers called the 'Blue Island Home Run'. It is a paper published on board of the USS Blue Island Victory during their voyage from France to the US. These papers were published during the period of Thursday November 27, 1945 through Sunday December 2, 1945. The content of the 'Blue Island Home Run' mainly focuses on what is happening in the US and the former war territories. Beside that it also includes the ships positions, cartoons, poems, etc…

If somebody has some more information on Carroll W. Woodard, please don't hesitate to contact me!!