About my Book
First Edition 1969 hardback book with dust jacket "The Ragtag Circus From Omaha Beach To The Elbe" by Edwin B. "Buckshot" Crabill.
E.B. Crabill was the commander of the 329th IR. His book is a very outspoken account of 329th and the 83rd Division. Published by Vantage Press, N.Y., 1969, c
ontains 73 pages and is now "Out of print". This is a great book in excellent condition, signed by the author:

To Kenneth M. Maier, Company D, 329th Infantry - whose Company was in the battalion which made the first successful crossing of the Elbe River near Berlin in W.W.II        
E B Crabill
Ex RCO 329th Inf

There is also a pen lining on one entry on one page about an officer who got knicked and who was crying. Looks like same ink as the signature so maybe Crabill tried to cross it out?

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