This is the Unit History book of the 329th Infantry Regiment nicknamed "Buckshot". The book was printed in Germany, in July 1945. The history was made by Sergeants Raymond J. Gougen (Historian) & Harry Curtis (Artist), Corporal Douglas M. Hawley (clerk) & Private First Class John E. Burns (clerk) and it was edited by 1st. Lt. Daniel P. O'Connor. This copy once belonged to Sgt. James H. Young who was with the Anti-Tank Company of the Buckshot regiment. On the very last page of the book, 21 of his comrades have wrote down their names and addresses of that time. The names of that list and some information on those men can be found below.
This very special list makes the book a unique copy and one of the most precious items of my 83rd collection!

James H. Young

Robert B. Miller

Maurice V. Castello

Edward T. Golembiewski

Charles Jones

Frank A. Elias

Emery H. Farman

Gregory G. McCarthy

Harold Schoenberg

Vincent A. Vesel Jr.

Sigmund M. Lesniewski

Lawrence Coladangelo

Paul S. Suffridge

Wilson W. Johnson

Herbert F. Baker

Peter J. Zawatski

Norman F. White

Walter L. Arnold

Charles C. Pauly

Samuel Ferrado

Clyde Mowery

Bernard Goldstein