March 12, 2015
After a long while a rather extensive update. Lots of new content for the 83rd Collection and veteran pages. Also several updated pages of the veterans I met at the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

GI Series Booklets
WWI Uniform Grouping - 83rd
Jim Sharp US-Trip 2014
Malcolm Strom US-Trip 2014
Julian Siebert US-Trip 2014
Veterans 70th Anniversary BoB
Post Card APO83 - 83rd
WWI Canteen 332nd IR - 83rd
DUI 908th FA - 83rd
Ike Jacket 83rd / 8th AD
Monument Fraiture - 83rd
John M. Worthman - 83rd
Robert O. Smith - 83rd
Walter P. Johnson - 83rd
Stanley Bronner - 83rd
Robert Camis - 83rd
Norman Frankel - 83rd
Michael J. Leonard - 83rd

December 1, 2014
After a long while a rather big update today. Multiple veteran's pages updated and added for the Memorial Day the D-Day and Market Garden commemorations. Multiple items have been added to the collection as well that can be found in this update.

John Scales's Book - 83rd ID
WWI Officer Tunics, 83rd ID
GI Series Booklet 106th ID
GI Series Booklet "IX TAC"
Bruce Parcell - D-Day 2014
Gordon Prime - D-Day 2014
Jack Port - D-Day 2014
Larkin Dilbeck - 740th Tank Bn.
Harry F. Miller - 740th Tank Bn.
Harold G. Bradley - 740th Tank Bn.
William S. Lyons - 8th Air Force
Walter Driggs - 8th ID
Eugene Gilbreath - 101st Abn.Div.
Al Alvarez - 1st ID
Wallace Jeffrey - 9th Air Force
Herbert Sheaner 106th ID
John Leather - 17th Abn.Div.
Photo Grouping to Willam Anthony
John Gatens - 106th ID

September 10, 2014
Lots of small changes were made the last few weeks but not mentioned here. However a few more important updates and new pages can be found here. I've added a few more of the veterans we met during the 70th Anniversary in Normandy but also the collection has grown so new additions can be found there.

APO 83 Cover Wilfred Bellinghausen
83rd monument Marchesieux
Apo 83 Cover Walter Bernhard
Normandy 83rd relics
Canteen James H. Parsons
William H. Guterding, 83rd ID
Dan McBride
John Van Cott
Ray Tollefson
John Schumacher
Tom Blakey
Joseph Heintz
Memorial Day 2014
GI Series Booklet 8th ID


August 25, 2014
After coming home from Normandy followed a very busy period and also a three week trip through the USA. Included in the update today are the veterans I met at the D-Day commemorations. Another update will be made one of the coming days. Small changes are constantly made and updated without getting a notification here so keep coming back!

Norwood Thomas
Warren Wilt
Bob Noody
Ernie Lamson
Frank Towers
Milton Staley
George Shenkle
Guy Whidden
Raymond Sylvester
Kenneth Merrit
Robert Thomas
William Byers
Raymond Defer
Francis Markuns
Fred Pearson
Grant Gullickson
Tom Ingram
Jim Martin
Jerry Collins
Marvin Gilmore
George Zaharchuk
Herbert Anderson
George Ciampa
John Cipolla
Rudy Zamula
William Spriggs
Pat O'Malley Roy (Richard O'Malley)
70th Anniversary Veterans


May 21, 2014
The collection keeps its steady growth and a lot of information has been added to some of the veterans with thanks to my US friends who gave me a lot of information that I added in "The Men of the 83rd".

Make sure to read the important message in "Dont't throw anything away", in dutch "Niets Weggooien".

- In the "83RD COLLECTION" section, I added several new items to my online Thunderbolt Museum.
- In the "COLLECTION US" Section I added a named Officers Guide.
- In the "MEN OF THE 83RD" section, are some new Veterans added who are related to my ID'd collection items and I updated the page to the late Ellsworth Massie, member of 322nd FAB.

Original photo Camp Atterbury
APO 83 Cover Robert Costello #4
Named 83rd Patch
Letters grouping 83rd ID
Named 83rd Ike Jacket
Clarence L. Zerbe, 83rd ID
Named 83rd WWI Gas Mask
Named Officers Guide
GI Series Booklet "XXIX TAC"
GI Series Booklet 94th ID
GI Series Booklet 3rd AD
GI Series Booklet 89th ID
Ellsworth Massie, 83rd ID
APO 259 Cover John Fields

January 4, 2014
D+654. Hello all, this is the first update of 2014. Off course I wish you all the best for this new year, with good health and lots of happiness.
The collection keeps its steady growth and a lot of information has been added to some of the veterans with thanks to my US friends who gave me a lot of information that I added in "The Men of the 83rd". And last but not least, I added a new button "Dont't throw anything away", in dutch "Niets Weggooien", make sure to read this.

- In the "83RD COLLECTION" section, I added seven new APO 83 covers and a six page WW1 letter.
- In the "COLLECTION US" Section I added several new Shoulder Sleeve Insignia.
- In the "MEN OF THE 83RD" section, are some new Veterans added who are related to my ID'd collection items and you will find a general update to Frank Bessinger, also I added Robert H. Arthur after correspondence with his grandson Jeffrey Arthur.

APO 83 Cover Robert Costello #1
APO 83 Cover Robert Costello #2
APO 83 Cover Robert Costello #3
Robert A. Costello
APO 83 Cover Richard Cranch
Richard C. Cranch
APO 83 Cover Frank Markham #2
APO 83 Cover Joseph McDonald #2
APO 83 Cover Daniel Heaton
Daniel J. Heaton
SSI of the Infantry Divisions
SSI of the Armored Divisions
SSI of the Miscellaneous Units
SSI of the Basic Forces
Robert H. Arthur, 83rd ID
WWI letter Ben Walker
Frank I. Bessinger, 83rd ID


November 3, 2013
D+592. Another small update today. The collection keeps its steady growth and a lot of information has been added to various pieces in the collection and some of my adopted graves thanks to John Bifano, son of Samuel Bifano who served with the 324th Field Artillery during WW2.

- In the "83RD COLLECTION" section, I added two new V-Mail covers with letters and an Envelope, send from APO83.
- In the "COLLECTION US" Section I added another GI Stories booklet for the XIX Tactical Air Command.
- In the "MEN OF THE 83RD" section, are some new Veterans added and you will find updates to six other veterans.

V-MAIL from Joseph F. McDonald
V-MAIL from Anthony M. Paulo
APO 83 Cover from Frank Markham
GI Series Booklet "XIX TAC"
Rex H. Hamby
Allen P. Older
Anthony M. Paulo
Samuel J. Bifano
Edwin H. Crabtree
Charles T. King
Earl Brandenburg
John G. Forshey
Marvin E. Allen
Ralph D. Watkins


September 29, 2013
D+557 A couple days ago was the 22nd Adoption Ceremony at Henri-Chapelle were I received the certificates for my last two adopted graves. Therefore this small update with pictures of that event.

- In the "ADOPTED GRAVES" section, you will find pictures of my five adopted graves where I put flowers during the Adoption Ceremony. You'll also find a link to a video interview I gave for Armed Forces Network Benelux (AFN)
- In the "83RD VETERANS" section, I added a few wartime pictures from Robert Taylor.

Adoption Day 2013
Robert Taylor
Adoption Day 2013 "Interviews"

September 11, 2013
D+539 After a long time, a new update on this day with great significance. 12 years ago the US was attacked by terrorists, resulting in the death of 2977 people. Let us never forget.

As you all know I have been to the 83rd Infantry Division Association Reunion in August so part of this update will cover that. This website is also in a constant process of changing so minor changes you notice not mentioned in the updates is normal.

- In the "83rd VETERANS" Section a few pages have been added or updated. Find a more detailed list with the links below.
- In the "83rd Collection" Section I added a WW2 engraved Bronze Star Medal that was issued to 83rd Reconnaissance Troop veteran Edward Buckley. Also a complete box of 1969 produced 83rd Infantry patches and, after a long search, a 308th Med Battalion DUI. Finally I also found another enveloppe send by a member of C Company, 329th Infantry Regiment.

August Farias
John Prinzi
Nicholas Yatron
Elwood Kreger
Ellsworth Massie
Charles Dimmick
Richard Scheerer
Donald Ervin
Edward Buckley
Patch Box
308th Medical Battalion DUI
APO 83 Cover

- In the "VETERANS" Section are a few more people of the greatest generation I was blessed to meet. Both British and American. A more detailed list with the links below.
- In the "COLLECTION" Section I added another GI Stories booklet for the 99th Infantry Division and Christmas edition Yank Magazine from the China Burma India Theater (CBI).

Geoffrey Wellum
Nigel Rose
Allan Howerton
GI Series Booklet "99th ID"
Christmas 1944 Yank


July 22, 2013
D+488 Last update before leaving for Washington DC and the 83rd Infantry Division Reunion in a couple days. Again one of the veterans I have met and who has his page on this website has passed away recently; Zane Schlemmer (82nd ABND).

Despite being in a school holiday this will be a small update with a few new pages. Most of the work the past month went into maintaining the website so these minor changes you might notice will not be mentioned here.

- In the "ADOPTED GRAVES" section a new page was added for Pfc. John T. DiMauro who is the fifth soldier I adopted at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial.
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section you can find more information on Pfc. DiMauro.
- In the "VETERANS" section I added the pages of two British WW2 veterans I have met during the last months. Wilfred Hockaday was with the Desert Rats and a guest at the Kamp 1944 exhibition in my hometown. Tom Neil is a decorated Battle of Britain veteran who has claimed 17 victories during WW2, I met him at the Battle of Britain Memorial Day Ceremonies at Capel-le-Ferne, England.

Tom Neil
John DiMauro
Wilfred Hockaday
Adopted Graves


June 28, 2013
D+464 Finally, after a very long time without updates new content for you! I'll start with the sad duty to announce the passing of several veterans I have met in the past years and are listed on this website; Gerald Virgil Meyers (80th ID), James 'Ernie' Gatten (83rd ID), Julius Eisner (82nd ABND), Robert Kaufmann (3rd AD) and Edwin Brown (83rd ID), James Mellman (83rd ID).

Due to finals and school I have been inactive for multiple weeks so many thanks go out to my dad who did a good job maintaining the website and adding new content.

- In the "83rd VETERANS" section you will find interesting new and updated pages. New page to Joseph "Sonny" Arnaldo. Updates are made on the page of James "Jim" Mellman.
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section two new DUIs (308th Engineers and 324th Field Artillery) and a new pillow cover from the Tennessee Maneuvers have been added. Also I got the WW2 dress uniform from Bill Spriggs, the new centerpiece of my collection.

Joseph "Sonny" Arnaldo
James R. Mellman - † November 20, 2012
308th Engineers DUI
324th Field Artillery DUI
1943 Tennessee Maneuvers Pillow Cover
Bill Spriggs' dress uniform

- In the "VETERANS" section you will find several updated pages and a new page on RAF Veteran R.G. Dearman who I met on April 1, 2013.
- In the "ADOPTED GRAVES" section, I added pictures of two visits to my adopted graves. With Memorial Day and on May 2, 2013.

Adopted Graves - May 2 visit
Adopted Graves - Memorial Day
R. G. Dearman

- In the "US COLLECTION" section you can find three new booklets added to the GI stories series. (35th Infantry Division, 79th Infantry Division and 82nd Airborne Division)
- In the "9th AD COLLECTION" section, two new envelopes have been added related to servicemembers of the 9th Armored Division. The SSI page got a new look and a new variation (Blackback) has been added.
- In the "ALLIED COLLECTION" section I have added a framed picture of my Great-Granduncle Petrus Josephus Op de Beeck who served and was KIA during WW1.

GI stories
APO 259 mail
9th Armored SSI
Joseph Op de Beeck - WW1

March 20, 2013
D+364. Tomorrow will mark the 1st anniversary of our website! The many positive comments are a good motivation to continue. And I would like to hereby thank everybody that has visited and will be visiting this website. Also don't hesitate to sign the "Guestbook".

- In the "83rd VETERANS" section you will find several interesting new and updated pages. The new pages include: "Mad Major" William White, Capt. John Raikos, Sgt. Louis Sandini and Sgt. Robert Parsons. Updates are made on the pages of John Luther, Walter Arnold and James Gatten. Sadly I received the news that James "Ernie" Gatten past away on March 9, 2013.
Off course these updates wouldn't have been possible without the help of some good friends: John White, Margo (Raikos) McLaughlin and Lili (Raikos) Dehen, Nancy McNamara for all the info on John Luther who was a cadet on West Point with her dad and Phyllis (Gatten) Corgiat.

William G. White
Louis R. Sandini
John D. Raikos
Robert L. Parsons
John J. Luther
Walter L. Arnold
James E. Gatten - † March 9, 2013

- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section. The Thunderbolt museum is getting bigger and bigger. You can find a Pennant from the 1943 Tennessee Maneuvers, an original wartime picture from D/331 and from an unknow 83rd GI (presumably Cpt. Backer), a DUI of the 908th FA, a Post-WWII book: "Remembrances" by Robert Parsons and last but not least a hard to find CBI-Edition of the YANK magazine with 83rd GI Joseph "Sonny" Arnaldo.

Pennant 1943 Tennessee Maneuvers
YANK magazine CBI Edition
Wartime photos
"Remembraces" book by R. Parsons
DUI 908th FA

- In the "9th ARMORED" section, you can find a few new items related to the 9th Armored added to the collection, two new pillow cases from Fort Riley and in the "MONUMENT" section there is a general update from all the 9th Armored Monuments and Memorials I visited.
- In the "ADOPTED GRAVES" there is a new page from my visit on March 13, 2013.
- In the "THEN & NOW" section there are several new pictures to see from our visit to Vogelsang

Pillow case Fort Riley
9th Armored Monuments
Visiting "My Adopted Graves"
Then and Now "Vogelsang"


February 1, 2012
D+316. The first update for 2013! After spending a month in my books, my dad did a great job to keep the website up to date.
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section you will find a update for 83rd veteran Tony Vaccaro. Also the lay-out of the entire page has changed.
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section. The Thunderbolt museum again got a little bigger. You can find several new APO 83 covers, two Post-WWII books: "Entering Germany" by Tony Vaccaro and "Rag Tag Circus" by Louis Sandini and a new pillow case for the 1943 Tennessee Maneuvers.
- In the "9th Armored COLLECTION" section there are several new items to see, also a general update of my 9th Armored Division collection with several items related to my good friend Carl Shell. A lot of new items have been added and the lay-out has changed.
- In the "COLLECTION" section there is a big update from several new SSI's in my collection that I brought back from the US.

Book "Entering Germany"
9th Armored Collection
Book "Rag Tag Circus"
Tony Vaccaro - 83rd
83rd Related
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Mail from APO 83
83rd veterans



December 31, 2012
D+284. The latest update for 2012! After spending Christmas in the Hürtgen Forest pretty much new content has come up which I'll post now and in following updates.
- In the "VETERANS" section you will find an update for the veterans I have met there home during my trip to the US in August 2012. These veterans are Carl Shell, Virgil Meyers, Curtis Gadd and Jim Sharp. I also met two new veterans in Kansas Malcolm Strom and John Brooks and one veteran in Florida, J.J. O'Brien.
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section you will find a great update for 83rd veteran Joseph Macaluso with several wartime pictures. An update which is made possible by his daughter Kathleen Powers, Thank you Kathleen.
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section you can find several new APO 83 covers, related to men of the 83rd.
- In the "THEN & NOW" section there are several new pictures to see.

Malcolm Strom
John Brooks
J.J. O'Brien
Virgil Mayers
Carl Shell
Curtis Gadd
Joseph Macaluso - 83rd
Jim Sharp
Then and Now
Mail from APO 83


December 2, 2012
D+256. Another 83rd update! After several weeks of research you will find the final updated and new pages for the veterans I met on the 66th Annual Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division in Nashville, Tennessee.
- In the "VETERANS" section you will find a small update for 83rd veteran Jim Mellman who past away on November 20, 2012. "R.I.P. Jim"
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section there is a new page for Richard W. Scheerer, Pat DiGiammerino and Jozeph Zenz, three 83rd Veterans of whom I met the descendants. There are also several updates with a lot of new photos and information on the men of the 83rd.
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section you can find a few new items related to the 83rd, two new pillow cases, one from Camp Atterbury and one from the 1943 Tennessee Maneuvers and a Matchcover from Camp Breckinridge. There is also lay-out update of that page and from the page with Mail from APO 83. There is a new YANK Magazine with on the cover Pfc. Robert Leigh B/329. Also you can find 3 new letters from Rex Hamby.

Joseph Zenz - 83rd
Bob Brower - 83rd
Pat DiGiammerino - 83rd
Arthur Loukas - 83rd
Richard Scheerer - 83rd
Ambrose McDonald - 83rd
Stan Bielen - 83rd
George Studor - 83rd
Jim Mellman
YANK Magazine - Jan. 14, 1945
83rd Related
Mail from APO 83



November 21, 2012
D+245. This update day you will find several updated, and a few new pages for veterans I met on the 66th Annual Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division in Nashville, Tennessee.
- In the "VETERANS" section you will find these new pages and updated pages for the Veterans I met at the 83rd Reunion in August, 2012. There is also a new page to George Ciampa, a veteran of the 607th Grave Registration Company
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section there is a new page for Harden D. Farling uncle of Terry Farling and Thomas R. Scales father of Brigadier General John Scales, two descendants who I met at the 83rd Reunion.

Frederick Harrison - 83rd
Arthur Jacobson - 83rd
Arthur Loukas - 83rd
Luther Strunk - 83rd
Bob Taylor - 83rd
Ralf Hamilton - 83rd
Stan Bielen - 83rd
Fred Pearson - 83rd
Russ Whitehead - 83rd
Rudy Zamula - 83rd
R.T. Alexander - 83rd
Arthur Wagner - 83rd
Ellsworth Massie - 83rd
Wayland Hicks - 83rd
Cliff Snyder - 83rd
George Bourget - 83rd
Bob Keck - 83rd
Francis Markuns - 83rd
Cliff Wooldridge - 83rd
Thomas R. Scales - 83rd
Harden D. Farling - 83rd
George Ciampa



October 15, 2012
D+208. Due to the amount of new pages, I decided to do a general update (yesterday) and a new update today with the 83rd Division related items.
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section there is a new page for Chester C. Morgan and I updated the pages for Leo Hury
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section you can find a lot of new items related to Camp Atterbury where the 83rd had basic training but also the Unit History books of Leo Hury, an envellope of Walter Johnson and other miscellanous 83rd items
- In the "83rd MONUMENTS" section I visited the 83rd monument at Arlington National Cemetery and I udpated the page of the Malempré monument.
- In the "ADOPTED GRAVES" section I added the page of my fourth adopted grave at Henri-Chapelle, that of Charles King of C-Company, 329th Infantry and pictures of the 2012 Grave Adoption Ceremony.

Chester C. Morgan
Leo T. Hury
330th Unit History book
M-Company Unit History book
Camp Atterbury camera trip
Camp Atterbury items
83rd Sweetheart Jewelry
Walter Johnson
Spearhead Newspaper - Vol. 1 Nr. 14
Yank Magazine - Feb. 18, 1945
Arlington Cemetery Monument
Malempré Monument
Charles King
2012 Grave Adoption


D+207. As of this update day you will find multiple updated or new pages for veterans. Also my Collection has maintained a steady growth so you will be able to find several new ineresting pieces.
- In the "VETERANS" section you can find new pages for John Perozzi, John Luckadoo, Conrad Lohoefer, Joe Scida, Jerry Spellman, Julian Siebert and Edward Woodson. The pages for Bill Spriggs and Carl Shell have also been updated.
- In the "COLLECTION" section I have added several (Field) Manuals and a bracelet all bought while in Florida. I also aquired another Christmas 1944 issue of Yank Magazine.

John Perozzi
John Luckadoo
Conrad Lohoefer
Joe Scida
Jerry Spellman
Julian Siebert
Edward Woodson
Bill Spriggs
Carl Shell
Handbooks & Manuals
Christmas 1944 Yank - Continental
Bracelet Albert Wills


September 5, 2012
D+166. After four fantastic weeks in the US today finally a new update day. The veterans from the D-Day commerations are almost fully updated. Also I attended the 66th Annual 83rd Infantry Division Reunion, so you will be able to find new information for several veterans, and also some new veterans that I met in Nashville, TN. And finally all the events photo albums are online.
- In the "VETERANS" section, you will find a bunch of new veterans I met in Normandy
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section, there are a few new veterans added but also a few new decendants of veterans that I have met on the Reunion.
- In the "THEN & NOW" section, there is another picture from Remagen.
- In the "EVENTS" section, you can find a link to an album for every event there.

Johannes Borner
Paul Maisons
Jack Womer
Harry Kulkowitz
Bill Sullivan
Gene Cook
Alfonso Villa
Ernest Haden
Duke Boswell
Ralf Hamilton - 83rd
Thomas Curry - 83rd
Arthur Loukas - 83rd
Russel Whitehead - 83rd
Pat Digiammerino - 83rd
Arthur Jacobson - 83rd
Michael Catrambone - 83rd
Fred Harrison - 83rd
Robert Keck - 83rd
Then & Now


July 23, 2012
D+122. Today I finally post the pages of the veterans I met in June during the D-Day commemorations. Beside that you can find a new book in my 'Thunderbolt Museum'. I was also able to require more information through the 331st MR concerning a few buddies of Earl Brandenburg.
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section, the 2nd Battalion, 329th Regiment's Unit History. You can also find updated information on the buddies of Earl Brandenburg who are on one of his pictures: Maurice Brown (new), Marvin Allen, John Forshey, John Stano
- In the "VETERANS" section you can find the updated pages of the veterans I met in Normandy that I already met before (other veterans of Normandy will be here soon!). I also updated the pages of Jim Sharp with whom I did a little battlefield tour in the vicinity of Honsfeld where he had his first fight.

2nd Btn. 329th Infantry Regiment
Earl Brandenburg
Ellan & Dorothy Levitksy
Jack Port
Bill Spriggs
Ray Fary
Milton Staley
Raymond Sylvester
Earl Geoffrion
Jim Sharp


July 9, 2012
D+108. Today's update brings spectacular news: a new museum has opened his doors!! The 'Thunderbolt Museum' from now on is available online. Since the last update I have met three veterans of the 106th Infantry Division. A wonderful journey with my good friend Carl Shell brought me to Luxembourg City and Remagen where we found two new Then & Now pictures. Beside all that there are some updates done at the 83rd Veterans and 83rd Monuments pages.
Keep coming back for more and don't forget the Guestbook!!
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section, you can find the online 'Thunderbolt Museum' with a new Lay-out. Also the page for Kenneth Gordon has been updated.
- In the "VETERANS" section are three new veterans: John Schaffner, John Gatens and John Swett.
- We found two more locations for the "THEN & NOW" section, in Luxembourg City and atop the Erpeler Ley at Remagen.
- The "83rd VETERANS" section has two updates for Walter Knapp, we visited his grave at Colleville sur Mer and for Harry Kirby, who received posthumously a master in Military Arts from the Cumberland University for participating in the Tennessee Maneuvers.
- Also the "83rd MONUMENTS" has been updated with new lay-out for the monuments of Grevenmacher, Clervaux, Staten Island and Sainteny and two new monuments I visited at Echternach and Bastogne.

The 'Thunderbolt Museum'
John Schaffner
John Swett
John Gatens
Kenneth L. Gordon
Then & Now
83rd Monuments
Walter Knapp
Harry Kirby


June 13, 2012
D+82. This update starts with very sad news. On June 10 my dear friend and 83rd veteran Leo T. Hury passed away at the age of 92. Captain Leo was a member of the 330th.
It has been a long time since the last update and a lot has happened in the meantime. Most of the veterans of the 68th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion are not included yet as I would like to put them on properly all at once and it would have taken me another 40 days. But there will be some really interesting new things to see here at! To start with you can find an entire NEW section focusing on the SSI in my collection. Since a few days I have reached 2000 visitors so a big thank you goes out to all of you, keep coming back and don't hesitate to leave any comments behind in the GUESTBOOK area!
- In the "COLLECTION" section there is an entirely new subsection SSI which has all the SSI in my collection
- The "83rd COLLECTION" just keeps on growing. This time three items have arrived. The book: "Rag-Tag Circus" by 329th Commander Colonel Crabill, a bracelet of Kenneth L. Gordon and the 83rd VE-day letter written by Gen. Macon.
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section you can find some information on the journey to Europe made by Henry Hicks and his two sons in May with whom I spend two days.
- In the "VETERANS" section you can find two new veterans I have met during the 2012 Memorial Day ceremony. Mr. André Jamar of the 77th Evacuation Hospital and Mr. Charles Wilson C46/C47 pilot in the Pacific. On this ceremony I also met Curtis Philips again.
- Also the "ADOPTED GRAVES" section has a report on Memorial Day 2012.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
André Jamar
Rag-Tag Circus
Charles Wilson
Kenneth L. Gordon
Curtis Philips
VE-Day letter
Memorial Day Adopted Graves
Henry Hicks
Leo T. Hury


May 1, 2012
D+41. A new update-day. Since last update there are several new pages available. Like the For Sale page! Also there are new photo albums for some events and my 83rd collection has grown quite a lot. Thanks to Anne Tisdell I was able to add two new pictures of 83rd veterans: Richard Alexander and Chet Kochan.
- In the "THEN & NOW" section three new sites are available. These include Krinkelt (Belgium), Arromanches and Le Ruquet (France)
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section a total of four new items arrived. First a Christmas V-Mail from the 331st Infantry Regiment, second a 323rd Field Artillery Battalion DUI, third an OD border SSI for the 83rd Infantry Division and last another DUI, from the 322nd Field Artillery Battalion.
- In the "EVENTS" section there are two new albums available. The 83rd Reunion album and the 67th anniversary of D-Day album.
- "FOR SALE" is now a completely new section available at normandytothebulge! It contains items from my own collection that I am selling in order to buy other!

Then & Now
83rd OD border SSI
V-Mail 331st Infantry
323rd Field Artillery Battalion DUI
For Sale
322nd Field Artillery Battalion DUI

April 11, 2012
D+21. Second update-day. Positive comments keep coming and we're currently close to 1000 visits! Again a lot of things happened since the first update only ten days ago the most important fact being my meeting with 3rd Armored veteran Robert Kauffman and his grandson Jay at La Gleize and Baneux. I also received new information from several people.
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section I received new wartime pictures from Fred C. Pearson and Chuck Abdinoor (plus a story). I also received several items from Fred C. Pearson.
- In the "VETERANS" section I added a new page on Robert Kauffman.
- In the "RELIC" section, all the US relics are now visible.
- In the "83rd COLLECTION" section arrived two more items. First a 329th Officers Collar insignia and second the 324th Field Artillery Unit History from WW1.
- In the "9th COLLECTION" section a new grouping from Capt. Donald Hanes is now visible.
- In the "US COLLECTION" section I acquired a new grouping from Carroll Woodard (75th ID)

Veteran Robert F. Kauffman
83rd veteran Charles Abdinoor
Capt. Donald Hanes Grouping
83rd veteran Fred C. Pearson
Relics section
Carroll Woodard Grouping
329th Collar Insignia
324th Field Artillery Book

April 1, 2012
D+11. Today is the day of the first update. This way I would like to thank everybody that already visited my website. Also I thank everyone for the positive comments I received. It really feels good after so many hours of work. Past ten days I have been adding most of the information that I received after I got online.
- In the "83rd VETERANS" section I received new wartime pictures from Francis P. Markuns and John W. Tisdell, also some information on the veterans Fred C. Pearson, John W. Tisdell and Francis P. Markuns.
- In the "VETERANS" section I added a new veteran I met last week (March 25) on the Dead Men's Ridge walk, Houmont, Belgium:
John J. Schumacher of the 17th Airborne.
- In the "RELIC" section, we completed the Relics from the Battle of the Bulge.
- In the "LINKS" section, there is a new website available about the 808th Tank Destroyers Battalion.
- Last thing that changed is the "EVENTS" section. There are some new albums available there.
And please don't forget to sign the GUESTBOOK after your visit.

Veteran John J. Schumacher
83rd veteran Francis P.Markuns
83rd veteran Fred C. Pearson
Relics from the Battle of the Bulge
83rd veteran John W. Tisdell

March 21, 2012

Finally, after several months of hard work by both me and my father, we are now able to go online! Although not completely finished, I now have my own website! The centre of this website is off course the "MAIN MENU", from that page you can navigate to every other page available on this website. Going through this website isn't very complicated, all the images in the Main Menu have a link to a new page. Some of them do not have that link YET, but that is temporary, it just means that page is still under construction. The Main Menu consists of sixteen subjects that will always be changeing, so it will be interesting to visit this website on a regular base. We decided to work one subject at a time, maybe not the fastest method but it reduces the chances of missing something.
Available subjects are the 83rd Infantry Division, the 9th Armored Division, my Adopted Graves, Then & Now, the Veterans I met, my Collection (only US) and some of the Events where I participated.
As I mentioned before we will be constantly working so I recommend to check out this page on a regular base. Every time something changes you will find it here, that way you won't have to spend most of your time trying to find new or updated pages!!

If not stated otherwise everything shown comes from my collection, all veterans or family members are people I met personally throughout the years and all places, museums, monuments and events are those that I have visited in person.

This was it for now, feel free to email me any suggestions or corrections and enjoy your time at!